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Call For Presenters

The Call For Presenters add-on enables TCA to collect applications for people to present at various TCA meetings. The applications can then be reviewed by TCA to determine if the suggested presenter will actually present at the meeting and if any changes need to be made to the presentation. This feature is located at http://www.truckload.org/CFP-Submission.

Submitting a Presenter

To submit a person for consideration as a presenter, the user will visit the CFP Submission page on the TCA website. The form includes information about the meeting and session for the presentation, contact information for the primary contact and presenter and a BIO and Headshot upload for the presenter. When the person enters all of the information and hits COMPLETE, an email is sent to the person submitting the application to thank them for their submission.

In addition, an email is sent to TCA to notify them of the new submission. The system email set up to notify TCA is named "Session Submission Notification" with the Subject Line "Call for Presenters Submission Notification". To set this up to notify someone at TCA, you can select someone in the drop down field SEND CONFIRMATION TO, or if you want several people to get the notification, you can click on the SEND TO GROUPS tab and select a group that contains the desired recipients.

Reviewing a Presenter

To review a submission for a presenter, go to http://www.truckload.org/Submission-Review. On this page are all submissions for presenters. To review a particular submission, click on the Session Name to see the details submitted. Once reviewed, you can make changes and mark whether it was accepted or not. After the meeting is over, you will also use this application to track number of session participants and to enter the review of the presentation.

Note: When add-on for reviewing presenters is dropped on a webpage, the following edits must be made for the review link to work properly. There needs to be a container ID and Class added to the add-on when it is dropped on a page. Enable Advanced Edit, edit the Add-on Options (wrench icon) and add the following into the fields:

css Container id: targetContainer

css Container class: reviewContainer

Setting Up Fields

Fields with drop down options are added in the ADMIN area of the website. To access this area, login and click on ADMIN. You will then click on MANAGE ADD-ONS and then TCA CALL FOR PRESENTERS. From here you can click on MEETINGS, SESSION RATINGS or SESSION TRACKS to add or edit available choices. When you click on one of them, you will see current choices available. Click on the paper/pencil icon next to one to edit information, or click ADD at the top of the screen to add a new option. Click OK when you are done making changes.

Printing a List of All Submissions for Review

To print all information from CFPs submitted, login and click on ADMIN, then MANAGE ADD-ONS, TCA CALL FOR PRESENTERS and finally VIEW CFP REPORT. From here you can choose to print all or some of the CFP submissions.