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CHC Corporate Partner Site Branding

To set up a corporate partner, go into the Organization record for the company and select CORPORATE PARTNER from the Organization Type field. Click SAVE to save changes. 

In the CORPORATE PARTNERS tab, enter a short page name for the Corporate Partner, like Tiffanys. This will create a link Alias (/Tiffanys) for this partner to the home page. Only include numbers and letters, no spaces and no special characters.

When a user lands on the site using a corp partner URL like healthmattersatwork.org/Tiffany's, they will be assigned to that corporate partner for all other website pages forever for that user. You can also set a user up for a particular corporate partner by editing the user's record. In the PERSONALIZE tab, you will select the desired partner in the field Assigned Corp Partner. Click OK to save changes.

Site content specific to each Corporate Partner

On the home pages, if a user is assigned to a partner, the partner's logo can be displayed in the upper right side of the page. Optionally, based on the partner's organization record, the user can see this custom banner on all pages. You upload the logo to the ORGANIZATION record in the CORP PARTNERS tab to the TAGLINE IMAGE field. If you want the logo to appear on all website pages, check the box in the TAGLINE IMAGE SITEWIDE field. Click SAVE when you are done.

On the home page for a coporate partner, an assigned user sees a banner with the EMPLOYER side replaced with custom text. This text is entered in the ORGANIZATION record in the CORP PARTNERS tab in the field HOME BANNER COPY. Also, the the Find a Charity and Get Resources buttons can offer custom links. To set up the links in the CORP PARTNERS tab, enter the URL for each in the Home Banner FindACharity URL and Home Banner Resource URL fields. Click SAVE to save changes.

On the home page, an assigned user sees a custom set of Workplace solutions. To set these up, go to the partner's Organization record in the CORP PARTNERS-QUICK LINKS tab. Enter the Caption and Links in the fields provided, in the order you want them to appear. You can enter up to 5 different links. Click SAVE to save changes.

On the home page, an assigned user sees a custom Whats New section in the bottom center with an image and text, no buttons. To set this up, in the Organization record, go to the CORP PARTNERS-BREAKOUT BOX tab. Here you can choose to include a What's New banner by checking the box in the MARK AS NEW field. You can also upload an image and the text you want displayed under the image. Click SAVE or OK to save changes.