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Browser Report

To access this report login and go to ADMIN HOME. Click on REPORTS and then BROWSER REPORT.

After setting your conditions, proceed by clicking on APPLY. In this report you?ll see a simple chart providing browser information for each of the visits your site received during your pre-defined timeframe parameters. It shows how many visits were generated by each type of browser, and how many pages were viewed. The Blocked column indicates which types of browsers have been blocked, so that information from visits by those browsers does not enter into your other reports.

It is useful to block certain types of browsers if they might skew the information in your reports. A perfect example is in the case of search engine browsers, which send "spiders" out to surf the Web. The spiders are working to generate information for their search engines, and so they do not reflect the usage patterns of one of your relevant website visitors. Therefore you do not want the statistics of spider visits to be reflected in your reports, because it would skew your data and analysis. Spider browsers are usually identified with the suffix ".bot" and you may choose to block these from your reports.

To block any browser simply click on the YES within the Blocked column and this browser will be excluded from the reports when "exclude blocked browsers" is checked in the criteria. To include a browser (or "unblock" it), simply click on the NO in the same column.

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