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Linking to Content on the Same Page

If you want to include a link on a web page to content somewhere else on the same web page, such as a definition of a term, highlight the text that you want to link to and click the bookmark icon (shown below): 

For example, if you want to click on LINK TO BOOKMARK (in the screen below) to go to the text BOOKMARK (further down the page in the screen below), you highlight the text BOOKMARK with your cursor and select the bookmark icon from the menu shown above. When you click on that icon, you will see the following screen, where you will type the name of your BOOKMARK. Then click INSERT and then OK to save the bookmark.

Next, you will highlight the text that you want to be able to click on. In this example, you would highlight the text LINK TO BOOKMARK. Then click on the link icon in the menu:

This opens the following screen:

Click on the BOOKMARK field and choose the bookmark that you want to link to from the drop down menu. Click OK to save your bookmark. Also, click OK at the top of the page to save all changes on the page when you are done editing the page.