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Description of Bank Search and Managing Bank Data

Bank Search Description

When searching for a particular bank, users can search for the Activity, Tissue Type or Graft Type accreditation. They can also search by City, State, Country or Accreditation Number.

If you enter search criteria in more than one of these fields, the search will return banks that match ALL specified criteria.

Click on the bank name to open detailed information on that bank. Information displayed includes, bank name, logo, contact information, company description, bank contacts, accredited for activities by tissue type and graft types, date of original accreditation and date accreditation expires.

Note: A bank will be included in the search if BANK is chosen in the content definition for the organization record, it is an ACTIVE record, AND the DECERTIFICATION DATE is NOT in the past.

To Edit/Add a Bank

Login and go to ADMIN HOME. Click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, AATB MEMBERSHIP and then BANKS.  This will open a list of all banks currently in the database. To edit information for a current bank, click on the paper pencil icon to open the record and enter the new information. Click OK to save your work.

To add a bank, click on ADD at the top of the page. This will open up a blank record. Here you will enter the BANK name, address and other descriptive information about the bank. The bank logo will be uploaded in the IMAGE field. The bank description should be entered in the SEARCH DESCRIPTION field.

To specify accreditation information, choose the ACCREDITATION TAB to enter the accreditation number and relevant dates. Click on the ACCREDITED FOR TAB to add the activities and tissue types. This tab will prompt you to click on a link, which takes you to a screen listing any accreditations currently available for the bank. To add new ones, click ADD at the top of the screen. You will choose the ACTIVITY and TISSUE TYPE from a drop down menu. Then click OK. This will take you back to the list of all current ACCREDITATION for that bank. Click ADD to add more ?Accredited for? types.

To add graft types, go back to the BANK record under MANAGE ADD-ONS, AATB MEMBERSHIP. Click on the paper/pencil icon for the bank you want to edit. Click on the TISSUE TAB and select all relevant tissue types from the drop down list. Click OK to save changes.

To Specify Sort Order of Contacts Shown

Login and go to ADMIN HOME. Click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, AATB MEMBERSHIP and then ORGANIZATION CONTACT TYPES. This will open a list of all current contact types. To specify the search order, click on the paper/pencil icon and in the ALPHA SORT ORDER field enter the number or letter for each contact type. For the contact you want to show up first enter 1 or a; for the contact type you want to show up next enter 2 or b, etc. Click OK after you modify each record to save your changes. You can add new contact types by clicking ADD at the top of the screen when you are on the display with the list of all contact types.