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Admin Framework API

The admin framework is a c-sharp api from the adminFramework.dll. It provides a basic set of properties and methods to create simple forms and reports.

To use the admin Framework

Create a Dot net project and make a reference to the adminFramework DLL.

Each class can be used to produce a specific type of form. Create an instance of the class, populate its properties and call the getHtml() method. Finally, get the styles for the framework from the .stylesheet property and add them to the document head.


Produces a set of navigation across the top with an indented body. Fill the body with html, or the output of another framework class.


produces a set of tabs over an indented content box.


Produces an html form with buttons and hidden values, and a set of rows each with a name and a value side. These rows can be used to create a simple set of form inputs.


produces an html form with buttons, hidden values and a body where you can create form elements needed.


Produces a table-like set of rows and columns.