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Adding/Editing The Washington Report

Go to the Washington Report page under News & Media. Login and click on EDIT. At the bottom of the screen, under the current issue of the Washington Report, you will see the following menu:

For this Issue

Add a new story
Click on this to add a new story for the issue currently showing on this page. You will enter the story name, sort order for the story, the category it belongs to, the overview and the full copy.

Edit this issue
Click on this to change the publish date or the template.

Create email version
Select this option to create an email with the newsletter as the content. You will specify the name, subject line and send to groups. You can also select who will receive confirmation when the email is sent.

NOTE:  The maximum width allowed on any banner used in an email is 150px.

For this Newsletter

Add a new issue
Select this to add a new issue. You will specify the name, cover, overview and publish date.

Edit the styles for this newsletter
Click here to change the newsletter styles.

General Controls

Edit categories
Click on this to add a new category to the newsletter or to edit an existing category.  You will specify the category name and the alpha sort order for the category. Current categories include FMA Working For You!, What's New on Capitol Hill?, What's New in the Executive Branch, and Get Involved in These Events!

Add a new newsletter
Click on this to add a newsletter other than the Washington Report.

Click OK to save changes.


This addon can control one or many different newsletters on your site. For instance you may have a newsletter about site news and another about industry news. Each newsletter can have many issues. For instance, Site News may have a new issue every quarter, and Industry News may have a new issue every month. Each issue can have many stories. The newsletter creates one page for the front cover with a list of stories, and one page per story. It also includes a navigation panel for all pages.

The layout of the newsletter is controlled with a Newsletter Template. Use HTML and the addons 'Newsletter-body only' and Newsletter-nav only' to design your look and feel.

If you will be creating an email from this newsletter, be sure to include your styles in either the newsletter template or the newsletter record.

When you view the newsletter addon for the first time, it will automatically create a 'Default' newsletter for you.

To create a new newsletter, use the 'Add a new Newsletter' link to create the newsletter. To view the newsletter add-on as you are here, click on Advanced Edit and click the Options icon at the top of the add-on (wrench icon). Select the newsletter you want to display and hit update.