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Adding/Editing Slider Images and Text

ASPS will be able to edit text on the slider and add new pictures as needed to promote pages, events, and other items on the website.  This feature is located on the ASPS Homepage and would act as online membership brochure.

Adding New Pictures

To add additional pictures to the image slider, login and click EDIT. Underneath the current pictures you will see a +. Click on the + to open a new image slider record. Here you will name the record, upload the image, type in the text you want to display over the image and underneath the image, and a link to another page, if you want one. Click OK to save the new record.

Editing Text and Images

To edit existing pictures or text, login and click ADMIN. Click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, IMAGE SLIDER2 and then IMAGE SLIDER IMAGES. You will see a list of all images currently available on the site. Click the paper/pencil icon next to the one you want to change. Click the CHOOSE FILE button to change the image. You can also type in new text or add or change the page that this image links to. Click OK to save changes.

Note: If you don't want an image to display in the slider anymore, click on the ACTIVE check mark to make the record inactive. It will no longer display in the slider, but it will be available to add back later by clicking on the ACTIVE field again.