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Adding/Editing Slider Images In “Did You Know?” Box on Home Page

Login and go to ADMIN HOME. Click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, then FPI and finally IMAGE SLIDER IMAGES.  On the right side of your screen you will see a list of all images currently displaying. To add a new image, you will click ADD at the top of the screen and follow steps similar to those for editing a record described below.

To EDIT one of the image records, click on the paper/pencil icon to open the record. From here you can change the record name, image, text description or caption. To change the image, click the CHOOSE FILE button. This will open a new window where you can search your computer for a file to upload. Click on the file to highlight it and then click OPEN. To delete the image, check the DELETE box. If you want to link to a file already in your resource library or to a web page, you will click on one of the links in the LINK field.

To change any text in the record, place your cursor in the Name, Caption or Description box and type the new text. Click OK when you are done to save changes.