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Adding/Editing Entries in the Supplier Directory


Login and go to ADMIN HOME. Click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, then SUPPLIER DIRECTORY and finally ORGANIZATIONS. On the right side of your screen you will see a list of all organizations currently available on your website. To edit information for an organization, click on the paper/pencil icon next to the name to open the record. Make any necessary changes and click OK to save them when you are done.

To add a new organization to the supplier directory, you will click ADD at the top of the screen.

In the DETAILS tab, you will enter the company name, address and additional contact information.

Click on the DIRECTORY tab and click on INCLUDE IN DIRECTORY to include this company in the supplier directory. Here you will enter the company name, address and contact information as you want it to appear in the directory. In the web box put the heading you want to appear for them to click on to take them to their website. The URL for the website should appear in the link field. Place an email address in the EMAIL field if you want website visitors to be able to email the company directly with a link from the supplier directory. Upload an image for the supplier to be shown in the list overview by clicking CHOOSE FILE in the LISTING IMAGE field. This opens a browser for your computer; select the image and click OPEN.

Click on the DIRECTORY ENHANCED tab and click on IS ENHANCED LISTING if the supplier has purchased an enhanced listing. Add the profile contact and click on the PROFILE APPROVED BY ACCOUNT once they have reviewed the listing. THIS MUST BE CHECKED in order for the profile listing to show up in the supplier directory. Here you can also upload a profile image, which can be a larger image than that shown on the listing page. You will also enter the PROFILE DESCRIPTION for this supplier.

Every time an organization is added or modified and the IS ENHANCED LISTING field is checked, a process will automatically run to create a vanity URL for the organization, which will be http://www.truckload.org/supplier-directory/company-name. All spaces and single and double quotes in the name are replaced with dashes. The vanity URL is displayed when you click on the profile for the company.

Click OK when you are done to save changes.