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Adding a Domain name to your Contensive Site

These instructions outline the general steps you need to take when adding a domain name to your Contensive website.

Purchasing Your Domain

Domains are purchased from a Registrar, such as 

  • register.com
  • networksolutions.com
  • godaddy.com
  • and others.

To purchase the domain you will have an online to create an account with the Registrar. We strongly advise that you purchase the domain on your own account and do not let any vendor purchase it for you.  Your continued access to that account is very important to maintaining control of your domain, so save your account login information in a safe place.

This Registrar will control the domain you purchased until the domain name expires or you transfer to another Registrar.

Determining the IP address of your site

The best way is to find the IP address of the domain name you are using on your site now. When you signed up, you were given a temporary domain name, probably something like MySite.SiteFPO.com.

There are many sites that provide an IP address lookup, like whois.net or www.WebsiteIPAddress.com

Configure Domain Name Servers for Your Domain

A domain name server is a special type of computer server on the Internet that provides information about your domain to anyone who wants to access your website (or email, etc.) Most Internet service providers have these types of servers. Which provider you use does not matter.

Most Registrars provide free Domain Name Servers you can use for your domain, but it is not required. Each Registrar has it's own instructions for you to configure your domain name, but the basic steps are:

  1. Log in to your account on the Registrar's website
  2. Edit your domain name
  3. Click on something like "Advanced DNS Settings".
  4. Set the "A" record to the IP address of your website.

Add the Domain to Your Website

Go to the admin site and click Domains under the settings tab. Add your domain name as a "normal" domain type.