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Adding Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords are lists of words that are associated with the content of each page.

They are used by search engines to help index your pages properly. Together with other factors, they help determine your rank, or order in the search engine results.

To Add Meta Keywords to a page

  1. Log in and turn on the edit links using the control panel at the bottom of the page. Click the edit link in the upper left corner of the content box in the page. This takes you to the edit screen in the admin site for this page.
  2. Click on the Meta Content tab of the edit page. There are two fields associated to meta keywords; the Meta Keyword List, and the Shared Meta Keywords. Adding words to either lists has the same result, displaying the words with this page.

Meta Keyword List

Use the Meta Keyword List if you just want to add words quickly to this page and you are not concerned about using the same words on other pages. Separate words with either commas or new lines.

Shared Meta Keywords

Use the Shared Meta Keywords when you want to use the same words in many different pages on the site. To use Shared Meta Keywords, you first have to add the words to the site. This creates a list of checkboxes in the Meta Content tab of each page. When you check the boxes, the words are included.

To add meta keywords to the Shared Meta Keywords, either add them individually under Settings >> Meta Keywords, or use the Meta Keyword Entry Tool under Tools to add a large list at once.