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Adding Free Services

In order to add FREE services based on DLI membership type, follow the steps below:

1. Login and click on ADMIN.


3. Click ADD to add a new item category and enter the category name, such as Technical Advice & Analysis, Profit Programs, Marketing & Outreach or Education & Certification. Click OK to save.

4. Click on ITEMS (under ECOMMERCE) and then ADD, or click on the paper/pencil icon next to an item to edit it. Next add the NAME of the item. Then click the CATALOG tab to select the correct ITEM CATEGORY. Finally, click the PRICING tab to enter the regular price when the item is not offered for free.

5. To set up the item as FREE for a certain membership type, click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, DLI MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and then FREE SERVICE RULES. Click ADD.

6. When the record opens, enter a name for the rule such as SILVER ANNUAL-GARMENT ANALYSIS. Next select the MEMBERSHIP TYPE and ITEM from the drop down. Then you will either click the box next to INCLUDED if it is always free for the membership type, or you will enter a number in the QUANTITY field if the member only gets a limited number of this item type. If the MEMBERSHIP TYPE gets a certain number of items from a CATEGORY, rather than just a certain number of one specific item, you will select the category from the CATEGORY drop down instead of selecting something from the ITEM drop down. NOTE: If INCLUDED is checked, the quantity field will be ignored and the item will ALWAYS be free for this membership type.

7. Click OK to save changes.