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Activity Tracker Instructions

This system standardizes a set of terms and processes, which are explained below.

Members in the system are anyone who has access to the site, either kma staff or Client Members.

An Organization is a company with which we have contact. It may be a client or just a prospect. Every organization is assigned an Account Manager. Some account managers are TSRs (Tele-sales Representatives), and some are OSRs (Outside Sales Representatives).

A Client is an organization that we do business with. A client is assigned an Account Manager (who must be a OSR to manage the Client), and a Developer.

Every client has at least one System. A system is often a web site. Systems are covered under contracts, which are described in the System Details page.

A Proposal can be created for any organization, and is not related to a system. When a Proposal is accepted, it becomes a Project, and a system is automatically created for the Project. The organization is converted into a client.

A Project is a billable unit of work which we perform for clients. Projects can be either a 'Fix' or 'Task'. A fix is a proejct which perform internally, and is not billed. A task is a project which is billed to the client and tracked against a task estimate.

A project must have at least one activity, though it often has many. An Activity is a scheduled or unscheduled task that has to be performed by a person. Activities are aften dependant on the completion of other activities.

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