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About Contensive Support

Contensive offers three basic categories of support; User Support, Custom Feature Warranty, and Framework Warranty.

User Support

The user support system provides email-based support for how-to questions involving managing your site and content with the Contensive tools. It does not include assistance with custom programming. User support is charged as a simple monthly fee.

Custom Feature Warranty

Custom feature support is charged annually as a percentage of total custom code charges and covers four scenarios:

  1. Assisting you with isolating issues related to our custom programming on your site. This assistance requires that you be able to reproduce the issue or demonstrate with reasonable certainty the results or symptoms caused by our custom programming.
  2. Correcting problems in custom programming that arise after project sign-off. You must be able to reasonably demonstrate that the issue could not have been present when it was accepted. This support requires a continuous support contract from when the feature was first created.
  3. Correcting problems in custom programming that can be reasonably assumed were part of the original requirements, but may not have been caught during acceptance testing. This warranty extends for 90-days from the date the code was signed-off, or was first used on the site whichever came first. This does not include requirements that were not communicated or requirements that may have been over-looked or over-turned.
  4. We will maintain in-house expertise to answer questions relating to custom content and programming we created for your site. This support requires a continuous support contract from when the content and feature was first created.
  5. Excluded from custom feature warranty are issues related to third-party software or work which can not reasonably be controlled by Contensive. For example, if changes to third-party websites like PayPal or third-party software like Acrobat require changes to your site, those are not included in feature warranty.

Framework Warranty

We correct bugs found in the latest version of the Contensive framework and distribute at our discretion. For the purpose of this policy, a bug is any defect that does not allow you to use an existing common feature as it is described in original documentation. A missing feature, setting or requirement is not considered a bug. A minor issue that can be solved with a suggested work around will not be considered a bug.