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The ASPS Journal is found at aspsjournal.org. It consists of 4 stories, with the ability to add new issues and to edit stories as needed.

Adding New Issues

To add a new issue of the ASPS Journal, login and click on EDIT. At the bottom of the page, click ADD  A NEW ISSUE. This takes you to the ADMIN portion of the website where you will click ADD to open a record for the new issue.

In the DETAILS tab, you will enter a NAME for the issue, a PUBLISH DATE, and upload logos to appear in the SPONSORS PANEL. You will enter each story in the tabs CASE OF THE MONTH, COMPLICATIONS, LEGAL CORNER and RESIDENCY CORNER. In each tab you will select the AUTHOR (if any) from the drop down menu, type the HEADLINE for the story, enter the COPY for the article and upload an IMAGE (if there is one). After you enter this information for all of the stories, click OK to save the new issue.

Editing the Current Issue

If you need to edit anything in the current issue click on EDIT THIS ISSUE at the bottom of the page. This will open the record for the current issue where you can edit anything listed in the instructions above.

If you want to view an issue other than the current issue, you can choose an issue from the drop down at the bottom of the page in the field "Select an issue to view".

NOTE: The Current Issue is the one with the latest publish date that is NOT beyond the current date.