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ACNM Pledge Campaigns

The pledge form add-on enables you to place a pledge on a page with a form for people to sign the pledge by entering their name, email, state, and zip code. They may also choose to receive periodic updates from ACNM.

How to Install the Pledge Form Add-On

Click here for information on Installing Add-Ons. (The Add-On is named PLEDGE FORM.)

How to Add the Pledge Form to a web page

When you are on the web page where you would like the pledge form to appear and are logged on as an Administrator, you will select the EDIT option from the menu. Next, click the paper/pencil icon. This will take you to the Edit record for your page, shown below:

On this screen put your cursor in the Copy box, click on the Add-on drop down menu and select Pledge Form. An image with the Contensive logo will appear in the Copy Box. Click OK at the top of the page to save the pledge form to your webpage.

After you click OK, you will return to the webpage with the pledge form, where you will see the following:

Click on the paper/pencil icon by the pledge name to edit the pledge text or to select the group for people who signed the form and also for people who chose to receive additional information.  All fields are required to submit the form. The field ?State? is a drop down of the US states; if the user clicks the link ?Outside the US? the drop down provides a list of countries and the link changes to ?Inside the US?. The ?Privacy Policy" link goes to a content page containing the OMT privacy policy.

Once the user clicks SUBMIT, a system email is sent to the ?pledger? . You can edit the content of this email by logging in and going to ADMIN. Then click on MANAGE EMAIL, SYSTEM EMAIL, and then the paper/pencil icon for PLEDGE CAMPAIGN AUTO RESPONDER. You can edit the email text, subject, from address, notification send to address, and groups to receive the email. Click OK to save changes.

When someone fills out the The Pledge form and clicks SUBMIT, the information collected is saved to fields in a people record and adds that user to the group specified in the CAMPAIGN RECORD. Next, a light box pops up to ask the user to share their pledge on Facebook, Twitter or email. The Facebook incorporated Open Graph tags to allow a graphical post of the pledge on the user?s timeline. The Facebook and Twitter links will use the following information:

  • The Link will be the URL or the page where the Pledge form is placed.
  • The title and the description for the Facebook share will come from what you enter in the "Meta Content" tab for the page where the Pledge form is placed.

To change the campaign on a page, login and click on ADVANCED EDIT. Click on the WRENCH above the campaign name and choose the new campaign from the drop down in the CAMPAIGN field. Click UPDATE to save changes.