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ACNM Library Search

The ACNM Library Search provides the ability to drop a search on a webpage for specific files for a specified combination of keyword, topic and/or category. To show up in the search, there must be a record saved in the ACNM Library2 Files. The files that will appear first in search results are those with keywords specified within the birth tool files and with the keyword in the title of the document. After those documents, any other documents with the search word in the content of the document will be displayed.

To place the Library Search on a web page, go to the page, login and click edit. While editing the page, put your cursor in the copy box and select ACNM LIBRARY2 FILE SEARCH from the Add-On drop down menu. Click OK to save changes.

When you first place this add-on on a webpage, you will see the following screen:

Here the user can type in a keyword and if they want they can choose a specific Category or Topic to narrow results.

Adding Files to the Library Search Results

In order to show up in the search results, the file must be added to the ACNM Library2 Files. You get to these files by logging in, clicking on ADMIN and then on ACNM LIBRARY2 FILE SEARCH and finally ACNM LIBRARY2 FILES. This will display a list of all documents currently included in the search. To edit one of them, click the paper/pencil icon next to the file name. To add a new file, click ADD.

You will then specify the name of the file. You can include a URL for a specific webpage to be included in the search or upload a file for a document that you want to include. When you upload a PDF file (after saving), the system will update the content of the record with the text from the pdf file within 1 minute.

Next enter a description for the file, which will show up in the search results screen.

Click on the META tab to select the Category, File Type and Topic for the document. Also, enter the keywords relevant to this document on this screen.

Click OK when you are done to save changes.

To add or edit the categories, file types or documents included in the drop down menus, login, click on ADMIN and then on ACNM LIBRARY2 FILE SEARCH. You will then click on one of the following, depending which item you want to edit: ACNM LIBRARY2 FILE CATEGORIES, ACNM LIBRARY2 FILE TOPICS, or ACNM LIBRARY2 FILE TYPES. To edit one of them, click the paper/pencil icon next to the file name. To add a new item, click ADD. You will then enter the name of the new category, topic or file type and click OK to save changes.