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​Waterfall Vs. Agile, why agile is better for the client and project

It's simple--Agile is a better method because of its flexibility in the design process.

Unlike the Waterfall model with its standard linear workflow, Agile allows developers and designers to address issues that typically crop up in the development process. Users can do this at any point in the design process without having to go back to the drawing board so to speak, which makes the Agile model immediately more efficient than its counterpart.

Agile is a relatively new model in the field of software design, and is considered more of a free-form software design model. Its adaptive design is perfect for developers whose end goal is still a little fuzzy. Its also amazing for folks who have to adapt to rapidly changing requirements for their developments quickly and effectively.

Waterfall is an older method that simply doesn't allow for quick changes to occur, which can disrupt the flow and cause inefficiency in a world that moves to fast for it. Agile resolves all of these issues by providing the flexibility necessary to keep up in modern times. This is basically the difference between a small, steady creek and a rushing river. One flow (or in this case, workflow) is much stronger than the other.

In an age where efficiency is key to a business' survival, Agile is worth the consideration. Developers everywhere attest to its handy flexibility, and use it more so than the Waterfall method. Do you prefer flexibility in the development process? Contact us today to find out more about how Agile can help you in your business!

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 6/19/2017 5:51:07 PM