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​The Top 7 Mobile Development Trends Expected in 2015

The number of mobile devices has now surpassed the number of people on the planet. Smartphones are more ubiquitous than trees with nearly 90 percent of consumers owning a mobile phone and 30 percent owning a tablet.

Smartphone users, or Millennials as they’re called, are projected to have a purchasing power of $2.45 trillion by 2015.

While it’s still uncertain what will happen over the next 12 months, here are the top 7 plausible mobile development trends predicted for this year.

1) The Rise of The Wearables

Mobile tech will enter a brand new phase, and completely revolutionize the user experience. Technology like Google Glass and Apple Watch will do away with hand held mobile phones, and make them accessories you can wear on your body.

The former works is as functional as a computer, except you wear the screen like a pair of glasses. While the former still gives the price tag jitters, expect competitors to offer a cheaper version of the technology. Apple Watch is soon ready to launch with an affordable price tag that makes the average consumer happy.

2) Brands Will Drop The Sell-Buy Model

“Companies selling products to consumers is coming an end” according to Heather Cox, the chief client experience officer at Citi.

She believes brands will move away from the traditional sales funnel, in favor of a lifecycle subscription with customers. To align with this, marketers are using customer data to target consumers with products and services that will help them in the moment. For instance, banks will interact and report how much free cash you have at the dawn of a new day, or offer you loyalty points to spend at the moment in a store or event.

3) Mobile Payments Will Grow Locally

From national retail chains to neighborhood stores, users will be able to make low volume purchases with their phones rather than their credit cards. Leading the mobile payment trend is Apple Pay, offering a service that represents 90 percent of card purchase volume in the US and can be used at 220,000 outlets.

6) Mobile Payments Will Go Global

"Move over mobile payments — it’s all about global mobile payments now," said Nataly Kelly, vice president of marketing for Smartling. As global tourism surges due to emerging middle-class in markets such as Asia, app developers and mobile marketers will need to develop software that supports international currencies for people who travel abroad. This need will move mobile payments towards an a functionality at the international level.

5) Vehicles Will Become More "Mobile"

Trends aren't just limited to portable wearables; they're also finding a way to integrate into our cars. Traffic-aware GPS will evolve to providing in-vehicle Wi Fi and enhanced location services. Windshields will also offer guidance, location coordinates, and overlays.

6) Health and Nutrition Monitoring On Mobiles and Wearables

Smartphones and wearable devices will generate real-time data regarding your individual body and health. Apps can track blood glucose levels following meals, sleep quality indicated by REM cycles, and how many calories you’ve eaten in a day. There will also be smart armbands for workout related notifications and data recording.

7) A Cut back on data fishing apps

As users become more attached to their smartphones, they’re preferring their privacy. Developers will need to cut back on apps whose sole purpose is to collect consumer data.

One example is a flashlight app that taps into a user’s geolocation, accessing their camera and calendars. This trend will push developers to differentiate their app in a forest of competition by providing better security and privacy than their competitors. It will also force mobile marketers to use less interruptive strategies in favor of more customer orientated marketing.

Expect to see these trends evolve and dynamic competition speed up the race. No matter what trends develop this year, the smartphone is undoubtedly the platform to invest in.

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Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 5/8/2015 1:15:50 PM