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​7 Questions to Ask Your Web Development Company

Chances are your web redesign is not an in-house project. Too many variables go into a redesign for you to be sure it gets done just right. So to get the best possible result, you outsource the redesign to a web development company. But how can you be sure that you picked the right company for the project? By asking them these 7 questions before they begin.

What will it Cost?

The easiest question should also be your first. Web development companies vary wildly in costs, and many may not give you a clear response at first - citing too many variables as a reason. But getting a reliable quote is crucial, both to make sure it fits within your budget and to evaluate the honesty of the web developer.

What's the Timeline?

Similar to the first question, asking about a timeline can go a long way toward learning more about your potential web development partner. The more clear their projected timeline is, the more likely they are to stick to that timeline. But if it's a vague timeline with many qualifiers that could extend, you may want to seek out someone else.

Can You Design Responsively?

In 2015, responsive design is an absolute must for newly designed websites. The majority of internet usage now comes from mobile devices, which overtook desktop usage for the first time last year. That gap is only expected to grow in the near future. A responsively designed website, adjusting dynamically to the device and screen size used by your audience, is the only way to ensure quality user experience regardless of their device of choice.

But responsive design has benefits beyond user experience. Search engines like Google now take the mobile-friendliness of websites into account when ranking them in search results. All other things being equal, a responsive website will always rank higher than a non-responsive website on the same keyword. That's why your web development company should have the necessarily expertise to design your website responsively.

Agile or Waterfall?

We've covered the difference between agile and waterfall web development in a previous blog post. In short, it's the difference between a strict, methodical process and a more dynamic alternative that splits the design of your website into several "blocks" which get reviewed and improved continuously. In most cases, you'll want to go with a development company that offers agile development, in large part because of the next question:

Can We Review?

Naturally, you'll want some input into your new website. Traditional, "waterfall" development offers little opportunity to do so because by the time the website is in the testing stage, there may not be enough time to go back and make major changes. Instead, pick a web development company that's open to working with you instead of for you, taking your ideas and suggestions into account throughout the project.

What Actionables Will it Include?

Another essential part of your website are the calls to action on each page. A website can no longer be a static, idle marketing tool. It should offer visitors "next" steps, guiding them toward more content or a contact form. Ask your web development company what calls to action they'll build into your website, and how these calls to action will be managed on your end.

What Happens When It's Done?

Because your website should not be static, its development doesn't end with the finished product. Whether you want to make tweaks after the fact or change your calls to action and content, you need to know exactly how you can make those changes even after the contract with your web development company is finished. Will they continue to be available for these tweaks, or might they even train your staff on the backend of the website?

Getting satisfactory answers to each of these 7 questions ensures that you work with a web development company that's not just looking for some easy money, but is genuinely interested in getting you the best product necessary. Contact us today to see if we're the right fit for your website redesign project!

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 3/26/2015 10:45:14 PM