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7 tips for Writing User Stories for use in Agile Development

A successful sprint in agile development centers around the User Story. The User Story helps ensure that the product delivered accurately reflects the user requirements. They provide a clear and concise way for developers and customers to collaborate in a language that each understands. This helps the customer articulate their request, and provides the developer a clear roadmap to follow when developing the software or feature. Below are 5 tips for How to write User Stories for use in Agile Development:

  1. Collaboration is Key - No one person develops the user story. It is a collaborative effort between the user, the product owner, and developers. The e entire team should work together to discuss and define the story to ensure that everyone understands the requirements. This collaborative approach fosters creativity and often results in better user stories
  2. Short and Simple - Keep the story concise and to the point. Focus on what is essential to the story and leave out the rest. This helps ensure that they are easy to understand. In addition, it helps avoid confusion and ambiguity. Write the story in an active voice, and follow the following format. As <user> , I want <what?> so that <why?>.
  3. Refine - The story often isn't complete or accurate after the first pass or even the second pass. It is important to iterate over the stories refining and improving them until they are clearly defined to all parties.
  4. Verifiable - A good User Story is also one that has easily identifiable and realistic acceptance criteria that the team agrees upon. The acceptance criteria not only enhance the story but they ensure that the story results in a tangible, demonstrable release to the customer.
  5. Customer is Priority - Make sure that your stories are not bogged down with technical tasks. The User Story is not about the developers plan of action to realize the story. They are for the customer, and should express real business value to that customer.

With the right approach, User Stories provide a working road map that promotes customer involvement in the software development process. Done properly, they help ensue successful delivery of the features requested. Please contact us to learn how are expertise in User Story development can help you achieve your software development goals.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 1/30/2017 8:17:31 AM