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4 Things You Need to Know About Web Application Development Processes

When it comes to web application development, many businesses do not understand the difference between web applications, mobile applications and traditional software. Additionally, many businesses do not understand the market reasons to engage in building custom apps and software for managing business processes, customers and real property (inventory, equipment, facilities).

From market-driven development to modern technologies, here are some key things to understand about web application development.

Development Systems

One of the older systems of development, waterfall is designed to build the large business software systems of the past. Modern web and mobile app development teams use a development system called agile. The difference between waterfall and agile is simple: in waterfall, each level of development (planning, engineering, testing) is done in succession by experts isolated from the various parts of the programming processes.

Agile is a system which employs experts across the entire development process in concert. Agile development creates your software swiftly, with each section of the browser based app or software being developed, deployed and tested within 1-4 weeks, so that you have the opportunity to develop your software systematically.

In the past, applications and even mobile apps were developed over a period of months or years and tested on smaller markets before being released to the larger market. Currently both marketplace based apps (Google Play, Windows Store, App Store) and web software are developed and produced in weeks or months, because of modern development systems.

Market Driving Towards Web-Based Development

With increased access to internet round-the clock in any location via smartphone apps and browsers, businesses are scrambling to offer their products and services via web and cloud based deployments.

As more large enterprise companies are offering their software and services on the cloud (Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, HuluPlus for TV), consumers and businesses alike are expecting more access to companies via the internet and apps. The expectation of access is driving more companies onto web applications, which drives market expectations. This cycle has been increasing over the last 3 years and shows little signs of stopping, as the Internet of Things (IoT) creates more and more opportunities for cloud based services.

For those unfamiliar with the term, the IoT is the term technologists use for the networking of non-traditional computing items, like refrigerators, lights, cars, and TVs to name a few.

Browser Based Applications are In

As tablet and cell-phone users face overwhelming numbers of apps, many businesses are moving from their own apps to in-browser software managed by a CMS (Content Management System). Web applications are now becoming a powerful way for businesses to access customers, vendors and employees without creating a mobile app.

Web based software brings several advantages to the savvy business owner. It reduces the need for multiple development plans for each device and operating system down to a much simpler design and development for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Browsers share much more in common than operating systems and with responsive web design, they adapt easily to different screen sizes as well.

Outsourcing is Easier than Ever

With agile development, cloud based deployments and development and browser based software, businesses have more opportunity and access for outsourcing software development than ever before. Expert development teams are available online, and can work closely with your business across any distance to bring you quality custom software.

The mobile nature of web based application development is great for outsourcing in both development and business processes later down the road. This moves businesses from rigid, cost heavy structures to more streamlined systems where many core business processes are outsourced to qualified staffing, engineering and virtual assistant firms. This gives your business the ability to increase labor results without increasing labor costs.

Whether you are looking for a web based system to manage your business, or just outsourcing your software needs via web based development, Contensive can meet your needs. Please contact us to find out more about web based development.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 6/17/2015 3:16:07 PM