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4 Innovative Apps for the Apple Watch

Now that Apple Watches have had a few months to saturate the market, not surprisingly, word is getting out about some especially cool apps for Apple's new wearable.

And in case you need a little inspiration for your own app creation brainstorming, here are a few of the most innovative Apple Watch apps on the market today.

1. Know When It's Going to Rain in Your Location (Down to the Exact Minute)

If you're the kind of person who loves taking quick walks outside during your work day but you live in a region whose weather is temperamental and hard to predict, the Dark Sky app for Apple Watch might become your best friend. With a simple tap of the wrist, Dark Sky will let you know if it's going to rain or snow in your location. It can predict the chance of rain for your location down to the exact minute.

2. Control Your Car

If you've ever seen the classic "Knight Rider," David Hasselhoff's character Michael Knight was famous for communicating with his car Kitt through his watch. Well -- as this Denver news story noted -- if you're an owner of a Hyundai, Volkswagon, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and BMW, your Knight Rider dreams have come true. You will be able to use your Apple Watch to do things like start your car, adjust the temperature before you get in, check the status of systems or the status of the car's battery, and other fun features short of driving the car remotely.

3. Dictate Notes and Other Evernote Tasks

Evernote, on their website's announcement for its new Apple Watch app, makes an excellent point: Apple Watch apps are not meant to replace iPhone apps; they're meant to compliment them. And that's exactly how Apple intended it. The new Evernote Apple Watch app will have some cool quick and easy features that will delight fans of Evernote (and possibly lure others who haven't discovered Evernote yet). As theEvernote site explains:

The iPhone and Apple Watch versions of Evernote work together beautifully. Dictate notes, perform searches, and see recent content on your watch when you need it. Set reminders and check items off your list without ever taking out your phone. Start reading a note on Apple Watch, then continue reading it on your iPhone with a swipe of the lock screen. It’s one app that moves with you from wrist to hand and back again.

4. Something for the Star Gazers

As GeekWire noted in April 2015, the Sky Guide app for the Apple Watch will be a delight for budding astronomers.

This app also belongs firmly in the category of "built to complement the iPhone app, not replace it." The Apple Watch Sky Guide app doesn't duplicate the iPhone app's function of locating constellations by lifting your phone to the sky. No one will be lifting their watch above their head, in other words.

Instead the app focuses on other cool functions. For example, with a single swipe up, the app summarizes at a quick glance everything happening in the sky above your specific location. If you allow it, the app also sends automated alerts to your Apple Watch when, for example, the International Space Station is going to fly over you and be visible to your specific location. It can do the same for eclipses and meteor showers, and all of it is tailored specifically to your precise location.

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Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 7/13/2015 2:36:08 PM