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3 Reasons Why Your Site Needs a Responsive Web Design

Recently, more users than ever have been flocking to the Internet. Usage is only going to continue to rise with each passing year. Even with so many people using the Internet on their tablet and mobile phone, many websites haven’t adopted a mobile-friendly design. Not only is this a pain for users, but it also causes you to lose out on potential customers. A responsive Web design can take care of all your problems at once. Find out more about the benefits of responsive websites below.

It’s the preferred option for SEO purposes.

Google prefers the new responsive websites over a traditional template. When you have a single URL, the Google bot can easily crawl through your site. This helps to reduce the chance of any errors with on-page SEO. These sites tend to perform better and are far simpler to maintain that a mobile template that stands alone.

It cuts down on multiple SEO campaigns.

With a responsive website, you don’t have to worry about having two separate websites and two separate SEO campaigns. It’s hard enough to try to keep up with one SEO campaign, let alone having to have two separate ones to accommodate a separate mobile site and desktop site. Combine your sites together with a responsive design and focus your efforts on a single SEO campaign.

It loads faster.

Any mobile content that lies above the fold should load in less than one second. The entire page should be loaded within just two seconds. This isn’t possible when attempting to load a standard desktop site on your mobile device. If the user waits too long for the page to load, they are going to head elsewhere to get what they want. Responsive sites eliminate the long wait times.

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Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 8/8/2016 10:23:17 AM