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3 Emerging Trends In iOS Mobile App Development

​3 Emerging Trends In iOS Mobile App Development

What are the emerging trends in iOS mobile app development? That's a popular question as we start the new year. Some people have theories. Others point to bona fide examples of commonplace best-practices in iOS app development.

However, there are three clear "winners." Here are the popular trends you can expect to see emerge in iOS app development.

1. Development for wearables - Remember, the Apple Watch is coming to market in 2015. It will be one of Apple's first innovations that you'll see this year.

That means, quite simply, that there will be a flurry of apps developed specifically for the watch. Also, you can expect to see specific versions of apps that have already been produced for the iPhone and iPad now coded specifically for the wearable device.

However, it should be noted that, as of this writing, the future of the Apple Watch is uncertain. Some are predicting that it will go the way of the Newton, while others are saying that it will be another, but more convenient, iPhone.

Until its future is clear, app development companies will hedge their bets by producing code for the device. That's because they know that if they don't, they risk getting left behind if the product takes off.

2. Enhanced security - According to Gartner, 75% of mobile apps will fail basic security tests in 2015. That's going to be a problem during an era when people are especially concerned about online privacy.

iOS app development practices will ensure that app security is an integral part of the software. This is especially true for "social" apps that involve texting, messaging, photo sharing, and/or video conferencing.

3. Usage of beacon technology will increase - More retailers will use Apple's iBeacon technology for marketing purposes. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of beacon technology, it's an extension of the location service. It enables apps, usually produced by retailers, to notify a mobile device user of a sale or some other pertinent information when that user enters a very specific location (e.g., the shoe department). Retailers will leverage that technology to offer deals and maximize their sales.

If you'd like to learn more about mobile development trends, feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 2/5/2015 12:22:46 PM