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Contensive specializes in web application solutions for the most challenging visions and processes. ‘Complicated made easy’ reflects our obsession with solving problems and finding answers to even the most difficult business challenges. At Contensive we do the heavy lifting!

Website App Development

Bring your vision to life or revitalize a tired website. Leverage the latest mobile and desktop technologies.

Mobile App Development

Create innovative mobile applications tailored to your business needs and integrated into your online strategy.

Online Integration

Change the way you think about the web by integrating current business processes with your always available online presence.

Responsive Design

Are you ready for the mobile world? Deliver an optimized version of your web presence to any size device or screen.

Contensive Works With You

  • Our strength is in our extremely talented team of engineers, analysts and designers
  • We practice an agile scrum development process that allows for total transparency (cost, time, development and review)
  • Complete life-cycle Support, we want to be your online partner going forward. We stand behind our work with user support, user training, and code warranty.

Online Strategy and Execution

Contensive is an online strategy and development organization. We specialize in website and online application solutions for even the most challenging visions and processes. We provide life-cycle support.

Our strength is our experienced team and our dedication to real-world, time-tested principles: a realistic budget, a disciplined process, and enough flexibility and creativity to accommodate any requirement. We all succeed when everyone brings their best work to the table, every time.

If you are serious about results and believe in bringing the right design for your audience and about making your project work your way, no matter how challenging, contact us today. Let us tell you more.

  • Java
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • SQL
  • Amazon Web Services

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Are you Ready for the Mobile World?

If not, you are missing out on a large and quickly growing audience for your website.


Why should you create a mobile ready website?

1. There are over 83 million mobile web users.

And that is just the beginning. The sale of smartphones is rapidly rising, and mobile browsing is predicted to exceed desktop web searches in just a few years.

2. Many websites are extremely difficult to use on mobile devices.

If your website is hard to read, slow to load, or impossible to download on a mobile device, your clients or prospects may become frustrated and be less likely to return.

3. You don�t want to limit access to people sitting at a desk.

Your website has valuable information for clients on the go; you need to ensure that they have access to it anytime they need it, not just when they are on their computer.

To meet the needs of these consumers on the go, you must have a properly designed, fast loading mobile site. Contensive has applied our years of experience in website design and development to deliver a quick, inexpensive solution to your mobile web needs. 

Your Contensive site can easily be converted to a mobile web version without creating a separate site.  We can help you build out a mobile template that will take your existing content and site structure and deliver to mobile devices automatically.  The system can recognize when the site is being requested from a mobile device and deliver the content to the user in the mobile template.  To find out more about converting your site into a mobile ready platform please give us a call.