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Open a Content Set for a what�s new list. Use this method to create a custom linked list of the �What�s New� items.

The What�s New list is a feature driven by the �Content Tracking� section of the admin edit page for content that supports this function. By default, �Page Content� supports this function. See the Contensive Developers Guide for more information on Content Tracking.

To use this method, make sure the content you wish to include has �Allow Content Tracking� enabled, and the records you need to include have the appropriate entries on their admin editing page.

See OpenCSContentWatch for a list of fields that are returned.


Result = ccLib.OpenCSWhatsNew(Optional SortFieldList, Optional ActiveOnly, Optional PageSize, Optional PageNumber)


SortFieldList � String, a comma separated list of field names that determine the order of the records in the result

ActiveOnly � If true, return only active records

PageSize � used with PageNumber to assist with creating paged output. PageSize is the number of records to

display per page. Page Number is the current page to display.

PageNumber � See PageSize for a description.

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