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Opens a ContentSet from a Content Definition, returning a ContentSet Pointer.


CSPointer = ccLib.OpenCSContent( ContentName, Optional Criteria, Optional SortFieldList, Optional ActiveOnly, Optional WorkflowRenderingMode, Optional WorkflowEditingMode, Optional SelectFieldList, Optional PageSize, Optional PageNumber)

CSPointer - Long Integer, pointer used to identify the result set in other methods.

ContentName - String, name which uniquely identifies the Content Definition.

Criteria - String, an SQL Where Clause compatible statement to limit the result set. Use EncodeSQLText,

EncodeSQLInteger, etc to condition variables for this string.

SortFieldList - String, if present, a comma delimited string of field names used as a primary sort for the result set. If omitted, the Default Sort Method in the Content Definition will be used.

ActiveOnly � If true, return only active records

WorkflowRenderingMode � Boolean, if true, and the Content Definition specified support WorkflowAuthoring, the resultset will be based on the edit records instead of the Live records. This can be used for �Rending� changes. The default for this value id the current setting of the �Render Workflow Authoring� selection for the current user.

WorkflowEditingMode � Boolean, If WorkflowRenderingMode is true, this argument enables the ContentSet to save changed values. Default is false.

SelectFieldList � String, a comma delimited list of fields that will be selected in the result set. If omitted, all fields in the Content Defintion will be selected. The smaller the set of fields, the faster the method.

PageSize � used with PageNumber to assist with creating paged output. PageSize is the number of records to display per page. Page Number is the current page to display.

PageNumber � See PageSize for a description.

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