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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base produces a searchable list of articles on your site, structured as a Knowledge Base. A working example of the Knowledge Base can be seen on the Contensive Support site.
To use the function, edit a page, and drop the function on the page from the editor. When you view the page, the object will produce your Knowledge Base.
Knowledge Base fields, and their functions are listed here:
  • Menu Headline: Appears as the caption for all navigation, such as the child article list, and the navigation tree
  • Headline: Is displayed as larger type at the top of the article
  • Alpha Sort Order: Is used to sort articles in the same list. If this field is blank, articles are sorted by Menu Headline. When you turn on Link Authoring, the Alpha Sort Order is displayed in brackets next to the Menu Headline in the navigation.
  • Active: when unchecked, the article and its child articles will not appear in the Knowledge Base
  • Parent: The article under shich this article appears.
  • Copy: The main text of the article
  • Remarks: An additional text area, displayed below the main text under the heading Remarks.
  • Example: text in this section is non-HTML, and is displayed below the Remarks under the heading Example

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