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Collection Resource Files

Resource files include any file that needs to be installed for an Add-on Collection. These may include images, css files, icons, ActiveX DLLs, etc.

Resource files that are simply installed in either the website's root folder or the Contensive content files do not need to be referenced in the Collection Configuration file. They will be installed by virtue of their presence.

To install a file in the website's root folder, upload it with the collection. If the file is to be installed in a subfolder of the webs root, like 'images' for instance, you must upload a zip file with the structure in place. Contensive will unzip the Collection, and duplicate the directory structure starting at the root folder of the website.

To install files in the Contnesive files folder, put your files in a subfolder called 'ContensiveFiles'. These files will be copied to the root of the Contensive files folder. These files may also include subfolders. To install Contensive files, your collection must be in zip format.


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