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Custom E-commerce Solutions

Can't Make Your Unique Sales Process work in Off-The-Shelf Shopping Systems? Don't change your process...Change your solution.

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We just love talking about this sh*t. Start your discussion with Contensive today. Fill out the form below and we'll get our right and left brained geniuses ready to help you get started. Key Benefits Built to your specifications We work with your team to identify goals and requirements, advise on realistic expectations, create a successful strategy and execute the plan on time and schedule. Life-cycle support Once your application is online, Contensive will continue its support and maintenance through its lifecycle. As your business grows and as technology moves forward, we will be your partner, advising, planning and executing to evolve your online resources technology as needed. Improve effeciencies Who knows more about your business and customers than you? We help you define and deliver a solution that makes it easier for your customers to buy and easier for you to manage. Cost effective devlopment process Contensive's years of experience in application development enable us to manage your unique web app from the in-depth technical analysis and assessment through design, development, and implementation. Our expertise enables you to gather, organize, and distribute information faster, more cost effectively and more efficiently By streamlining your business processes, you not only reduce costs, but also provide better service to your customers.

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Read about how Contensive was able to solve Vivos Life's complicated ecommerce process after failing to make the Shopify solution work for their customers.

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