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  • New Website, Same FPI

    FPI Blog|11/13/2018

    They say a website gives the first impression of an organization. In our case, we hope that wasn’t true! Several years ago, we went through a massive undertaking to update our brand, including our website. We spent months working toward a website that was clean, user-friendly and informative. While we certainly think we accomplished our […]

  • What is Your ROI on FPI?

    FPI Blog|10/23/2018

    It’s officially fall, and the time of year when we ask our members to decide whether or not they will continue to support FPI in the coming year. It’s important that we help our members understand their return on investment as they make decisions on membership renewal. Here’s some food for thought, for both current […]

  • Breaking Down Foodservice Packaging and Composting

    FPI Blog|10/9/2018

    As more communities strive for zero waste, food scraps and associated packaging are a high priority for landfill diversion, and commercial composting facilities are a great option. What we didn’t know — at least not before co-funding a report with the Biodegradable Products Institute — were the potential benefits of using foodservice packaging and food scraps […]

  • A Lowcountry Gathering for FPI

    FPI Blog|9/25/2018

    In a few weeks, the foodservice packaging industry –raw material and machinery suppliers, converters, foodservice distributors and operators – will gather for FPI’s Fall Conference in South Carolina.  When will this be held you ask?  November 8-9.  We admit to being a little nervous a few days ago when Hurricane Florence made landfall, but we […]

  • Foodservice Packaging – An Emergency Kit Staple

    FPI Blog|9/11/2018

    As of the writing of this blog post, Hurricane Florence is barreling toward the east coast of the United States.  Evacuations have been ordered, and people are fleeing the areas in the storm’s path.  Store shelves are getting emptied, and gas stations are experiencing long lines. Everyone needs to have an emergency kit just for […]