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Agile Development and Rugby: How Scrum Can Work for You

Agile development, contrasted with traditional development, is a responsive, generalized approach to software development. Agile is responsive because each development team has members available to respond to situations as they arise, at any stage of development. Because team members work on all aspects of the software development, they develop hig...

Posted 4/29/2015 4:05:57 PM

​4 Advantages of Custom Web Apps

As mobile continues to outpace desktop in both online and offline usage, apps continue to become more essential for digital marketing. On its app, a company can go beyond displaying its products, as it can on its website; it can create interactive features, even games, to deepen the user experience. Of course, developing an app is a major undertak...

Posted 4/27/2015 2:51:16 PM

​Apple Watch and Other Wearable Technology: Will It Transform Mobile App Creation?

The Apple Watch has grabbed the most headlines so far, but the new Apple gadget represents just a small drop in a very large tech tidal wave heading our way. According to, global wearable shipments will likely hit 112 million units by 2018. What this means for mobile app companies can be summarized in one word: revolution. And, just like ...

Posted 4/24/2015 4:55:14 PM

Powerful but Nimble: How Product Backlog Works in Agile Development

What is a product backlog in Agile development and how is it used Have you ever wondered, "What is a product backlog in Agile development and how is it used?" In answering that question, it helps first to understand the core benefit of the process: the Agile method gives you the ability to make fast and powerfully effective course corrections as ...

Posted 4/22/2015 9:43:20 AM

​The Quest for Product/Market Fit (And How We Can Help You Achieve It)

The term "product/market fit," in its most basic form, means that a product is in perfect sync with its customers. The product has been refined to perfection -- assuming you define "perfection" as giving your chosen market exactly what it wants. "Product/market fit" might be the buzz word -- the golden goose egg -- of start-ups, but everyone big o...

Posted 4/20/2015 10:14:46 AM

April 21 - The Day Responsive Web Design Became a Must

Responsive web design-- What's worse than Armageddon? Well, If you've listened to some marketers recently, the answer may just be "Mobilegeddon." That's the nickname the industry has given to Google's newest algorithm update, one that has the potential to be more wide-reaching than any of the search engine's algorithms since the introduction of Pa...

Posted 4/10/2015 11:52:23 AM

​3 Pillars of Powerful Website Design

You know a powerful website design when you see it. The moment it appears on-screen, it grabs you. You can't look away. It might even provoke emotions -- even if you have no knowledge about the website's purpose and content. The wonderful thing about web design is that, whether your business is big or small, you can create a powerful website if yo...

Posted 4/6/2015 9:32:57 AM

The Next Trend in Company Mobile Apps: Wearable?

The value of mobile apps for businesses is apparent to many people. In the 8 years since IPhone first came out (7 since HTC released the first Android phone) businesses and consumers alike embraced the technology and design capabilities of the mobile app market. With Google Glasses and Apple Watch coming out, the mobile revolution is quickly becomi...

Posted 4/1/2015 9:34:45 AM